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Hepsia Dateimanager

Hepsia's File Manager will let you handle the content of your website using simple point 'n' click maneuvers. Right-click shortcut menus offer quick access to various file manipulation options, whereas user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality will allow you to upload new files from your desktop PC in an instant. You will also find in-built file editors and an image viewer. You will be able to archive and extract files easily as well.



Fast File Uploads and Downloads

Working with the File Manager feels like working with your personal computer. The built-in drag 'n' drop functionality will enable you to easily move files between your computer and the web server. Just select the file that you want to upload from your desktop computer and then drag it to your browser window. The same goes for downloading a file from the File Manager to your desktop computer. Außerdem, you can download files and even folders to your PC by pressing the Download button.

Easy File Editing Options

With the File Manager graphical user interface, you can create a brand new file or folder with just a mouse click. All action buttons are handily positioned above the file/folder list and you can modify your files with ease. You can rename or copy a file, move a file to a different folder, examine the contents of a file or update its permissions, delete a file, und so weiter.

Handy Archive/Unarchive Functionality

With the File Manager interface, you will be able to compress and unarchive all types of files. It works surprisingly fast - simply select the files you would like to archive and press the Compress button. You can even select the type of the new archive (.rar, .zip, und so weiter). It is just as easy to extract the contents of an archive to a chosen directory.

File Editors

With the File Manager user interface, you really do not need any third-party tools to modify your files. There is an image viewer, which allows you to see the contents of your image files to get a clue about how the images will actually show up on your site. Außerdem, you will find several built-in file editors, which will give you absolute control over your files. The plain text editor and the code editor are designed for more experienced individuals, while the WYSIWYG editor (where you can see all source code changes in real time) is also suitable for technically inexperienced individuals.

Weitere Funktionen

Regardless of whether you have one single sites or multiple web sites hosted in your Web-hosting Konto - we have a user-friendly Host Shortcut feature, so you can swiftly select only the site you want to work with. With the File Manager, you can also use the majority of the famous keyboard commands - click on Delete to erase a file or a folder, or hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files at the same time.

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